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X Factor flop Steve Brookstein sparks fury with claim Manchester attack could be deliberate distraction from bad Tory press

X-FACTOR flop Steve Brookstein sparked uproar yesterday by claiming the Manchester bombing could have been a “false flag” to distract from Theresa May’s social care u-turn.

His meltdown came as The Sun can reveal Jeremy Corbyn’s election guru’s son wrote on Facebook that the barbaric attack had come at an “unbelievably ideal time for those in power”.

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Steve Brookstein, who won the first series of X Factor, took to Twitter to say the Manchester atrocity could have been a ‘false flag’ attack[/caption]

Jack Murray — who’s ex-Communist father Andrew is a key strategist to the Labour boss — raged that the media will “now be entirely focused on this terrorist attack and not the disastrous Conservative party campaign that was losing support daily”.

As the horror unfolded in Manchester, failed soul singer Brookstein tweeted that the “coincidence is concerning and “politically, this benefits the Tories after they’ve just had an horrendous day.”

He went on to suggest “the military industrial complex” and “huge corporations” who “don’t want Corbyn” could have been behind the devastating horror.

Twitter / @stevebrookstein

Brookstein outraged social media users by suggesting the bomb, which slaughtered 22 people, might not have been the work of a terrorist[/caption]

Twitter / @stevebrookstein

Brookstein said that dark forces may have been behind the bombing[/caption]

Twitter / @stevebrookstein

Brookstein peddled conspiracy theories just hours after the attack[/caption]

The comments were later delete after a barrage of online criticism aimed at the washed up popstar.

He later claimed: “I suggested that there are dark forces that could possibly do it. Not DID do it. Nobody knows who did it”.

But just two hours after the explosion, warped Brookstein, 48, wrote: “False flags are not imaginary. These things happen. I’m not saying 100 per cent but the coincidence is concerning”.


Brookstein suggested the attack was designed to distract from a bad day for the Conservatives[/caption]


‘False flag’ attacks are a popular conspiracy theory suggesting the government stages terror attacks[/caption]

A “false flag” is a popular conspiracy that suggests government insiders were involved in terrorist attacks or high profile murders.

And while children were still fleeing the Manchester Arena on Monday evening, he added: “Theresa May has a terrible day. Awful press and guess what an explosion in Manchester. Can’t make this s*** up”.

Mr Murray, 31, whose dad founded the hard left Stop The War movement and was a member of the Communist Party until last year — said who exactly committed the Manchester attack “will probably remain unclear for many years to come.”

But he went on: “One thing is for certain though, that this has come at an unbelievably ideal time for those in power and over the next two weeks the media will now be entirely focused on this terrorist attack and not the disastrous Conservative party campaign that was losing support daily.”

The son of one of Jeremy Corbyns top aides posted a vile Facebook rant suggesting the attack was staged

He added: “Ultimately it will be used to further divide and conquer society and to try and stop the current progressive left uprising in its tracks.”

“We need to double up our efforts and remind people of exactly why we need a government committed to equality and peace,” he warned.

His sick outburst — shared by dozens of other Facebook users — was later echoed by other Jeremy Corbyn supporters online, with one Labour activist describing the attack as “wonderful timing for Theresa May.”


Today we launch a Together With Manchester appeal – to raise money for families of the victims of the Arena bomb.

News UK, publisher of The Sun, has made a corporate donation of £100,000 to the appeal.

Here’s how you can show your support….

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Labour Party vice-chairman for Stroud in Gloucestershire Debbie Hicks wrote on Facebook: “What has happened in Manchester is awful and my thoughts are with the families.”

Before adding: “However I can’t help thinking this is wonderful timing for Theresa May.”

Last night a Labour source told The Sun: “Andrew Murray is not responsible for his adult son’s comments.”

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