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A Surprising Number of Men Prefer Small Boobs, According to Pornhub Data

That’s not to say that large breasts have totally fallen out of favor: according to the Pornhub data, which was released in collaboration with Mashable, “big tits,” “big boobs,” and “large breasts” are still the most popular boob-related search terms. Yet searches for small breasts have been steadily on the rise over the past few years, practically doubling since January 2013.

Perhaps this trend is a reflection of cultural preferences in breast size. In December, the Plastic Surgery Group surveyed U.S. and British plastic surgeons and found that the average breast augmentation sizes are now C and D cups, as compared to DD and E cups several years ago. The trend could also be inspired by the rise of smaller-breasted sex symbols like Kendall Jenner and Taylor Swift, who are gracing runways and magazine covers across the globe.

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In addition to the insights about small vs. large breasts references, Pornhub has also revealed the most popular boob-related search terms by gender and even state. According to the data, natural breasts are still more popular than fake ones, and your polite auntie and uncle from Minnesota are super interested in breast-related searches, as are most northerners and westerners. (Meanwhile, Mississippians could care less.)

Internationally, Fins are almost equally interested in small and large breasts, as are Americans, Britons, Danes, and others. Colombians are the least interested in small breasts. (If you saw Women’s Health cover model Sofia Vergara’s latest photoshoot, you’d understand why.)

The most amusing bit of data? The fifth-most popular search term is just plain “boobs.” You’ve got to feel like there’s enough boobs on the internet, but apparently, some guys just can’t get enough.

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