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How To Unbanned 8 Pool Account | Restore Account

How to get back your banned 8 Ball Pool account | Unbanned 8 Ball Pool account: There are some sports which are often very easy in real life but very tricky on your mobile phones while there are some which are really tricky in real life but extremely easy on smartphones. The game of pool falls in the second category as playing pool on your phone is really easy as compared to playing on a real pool table. One very good app for playing pool on your smartphone is the highly popular 8 Ball Pool.

8 Ball Pool is extremely thanks to its incredibly easy to use interface and the feel it gives to the user as if they are playing in real life conditions. In 8 Ball Pool, you can either play against a random opponent online or you can challenge your friend to a match. You are asked to play for different coins and your opponent puts in the same number of coins. The winner of the duel gets the collective coins submitted by both. There are different types of modes in which you can play the game while you can also participate in different tournaments.

8 Ball Pool is an extremely fun game but there are some competitive users who often take the game so seriously that they don’t mind cheating and using unfair means to win. Using unfair means in 8 Ball Pool often leads to the players getting banned from the game. In this post today, we will be telling you how you can get back your 8 Ball Pool account in case it was banned for some reason or the other.

Steps To Get back your banned 8 Ball Pool account | Restore Banned 8 Ball Pool account

Restore 8 Ball Pool account

  • Go to the following link for getting back your banned 8 Ball Pool account

You will see a form when you click on the link. Fill this form now.

  • Submit this form after you give your details like Email ID, Miniclip ID, etc.
  • Now, wait for a response from Miniclip.
  • Shortly after you receive a reply, your account will be restored along with all your cash, coins, and your achievements.
  • Enjoy 8 Ball Pool again.

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