Saturday , February 24 2018
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Network traffic provides early indication of malware infection

By analyzing network traffic going to suspicious domains, security administrators could detect malware infections weeks or even months before they’re able to capture a sample of the invading malware, a new study suggests. The findings point toward the need for new malware-independent detection strategies that will give network defenders the …

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Preventing software from causing injury

Workplace injuries don’t just come from lifting heavy things or falling off a ladder. People with desk jobs can develop debilitating hand and wrist problems that make it difficult to work, and poorly designed software could be to blame. However, researchers are creating tools to that could help develop safer …

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'Charliecloud' simplifies Big Data supercomputing

Elegance and simplicity of programming are highly valued but not always achieved, says a new report. In the case of a new product, dubbed ‘Charliecloud,’ a crisp 800-line code helps supercomputer users operate in the high-performance world of Big Data without burdening computer center staff with the peculiarities of their …

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Clear view on stem cell development

Today, tracking the development of individual cells and spotting the associated factors under the microscope is nothing unusual. However, impairments like shadows or changes in the background complicate the interpretation of data. Now, researchers have developed a software that corrects images to make hitherto hidden development steps visible. Source link

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Why don't my document photos rotate correctly?

A new technique that can correct a phone’s orientation by tracking the rotation sensor in a phone has now been developed. When people take document photos their smartphones become parallel to the documents on a flat surface. This intention of photographing documents can be easily recognizable because gravity falls onto …

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New firewall protects cellphones from security threat

Some 400 million people change their phone’s components, such as touchscreens, chargers, and battery or sensor assemblies, which are all susceptible to significant security breaches and attacks. These components, referred to as ‘field replaceable units (FRUs),’ communicate with the phone CPU over simple interfaces with no authentication mechanisms or error …

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